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A blast from the past...friendships that last: An interactive forum among the proud members of the FEU High School Class of 1982.
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 Our Forum Etiquette

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PostSubject: Our Forum Etiquette   Our Forum Etiquette Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2007 10:48 pm

The following must be observed in posting replies and/or posting images and links:

  • One should read all the rules and guidelines established in this forum.
  • One should always be courteous to other forum members.
  • Before creating a new topic thread, one is advised to search to see if a similar topic already exists.
  • Contributors should follow standard grammar and spelling rules and avoid slang. Leetspeak is sometimes accepted.
  • If the forum is categorized, one should strive to post in the correct section.
  • When making a technical inquiry, one should include as much technical information as possible, especially in the subject line.
  • Contributors are asked to stay on-topic.
  • Contributors should avoid double posting and Crossposting.
  • To avoid appearing self-absorbed, one should respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of one's own.
  • Contributors should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts.
    ALL CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.
  • One is advised not to resurrect a very old topic if nothing
    significant will be added. This practice is known as revival, bumping
    or Necroing.
  • One should try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the messageboard's staff of the event.
  • When quoting a previous post, one should only include the relevant
    portion of that post. Contributors are requested to keep in mind that
    their audience can likely still see the message they are quoting on the
    same screen and can read it again if need be.
  • Signatures on forums should generally have a maximum height of 100 pixels, as to not cause clutter.
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Our Forum Etiquette
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