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 Basic Computer Troubleshooting

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Basic Computer Troubleshooting Empty
PostSubject: Basic Computer Troubleshooting   Basic Computer Troubleshooting Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2007 6:14 pm

Computer Troubleshooting

No power indicator

- Check power on outlet and power supply

- Check cables

- Check power supply and on/off switch if function

Power ok but no display on screen

- Check video card if properly inserted

- Check video cable if connected on video card

- Check power indicator

- Reinsert memory

Hard disk not detected

- Check if power connector connect properly on hard drive disk, reset hard drive cable

- Check jumper setting if set in mastrer or slave position

Drive A or B not functioning

- Reset floppy cable (34 pin)

- Check power connector if seated properly

- Check motherboard controler or 1/0 controler

Monitor black out on screen

- Check monitor on other pc

- Check bright control in monitor, if problem continue bring to the service tehcnician

Keyboard not functioning or led indicator not light during boot up

- Check keyboard connector if properly inserted, tries another keyboard or swap keyboard

Error ocurred during reading diskettes

- Check diskettes if deffective

- Check floppy drive, used disk cleaner to clean the surface drive, change drive

Sector found bad during reading the hard drive

- Used scandisk to scan drive

- backup and format the hard drive

3 beep sound hear during start-up the unit

-Check the video card, reset all card, reset memory

Continues sound hear during start-up

- Check the motherboard or systemboard, if problem continues changes the motherboard

Low memory display on screen

- Add another memory or additional memory

- Check hard drive space

Printer not functioning

- Check printer cables

- Check power supply connector

Mouse not work or move

- Check the switches if switch to MS

- Check if connect properly on COM Port

System hang during application

- Scan the system for viruses, run scandisk on drive c:
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Basic Computer Troubleshooting
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