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 Language Facts

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PostSubject: Language Facts   Language Facts Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 2:11 pm

language of a society changes slowly but steadily with the result that
an educated person will not be able to read or understand words in his
language written 500 years ago.

you feel like you can't talk to your parents? Maybe it's because you
belong to the Niger-Congo family. More than 1,400 languages are spoken
by different members of this family from Africa.

Submitted by Todd

It has been estimated that the number of actively spoken languages in the world today is about 6,000.

Submitted by Todd

There is no word that rhymes with orange.

Pinocchio is Italian for "pine head."

The most common letters in English are R S T L N E.

There is no word that rhymes with purple.

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Language Facts
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