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Night butterflies have ears on their wings so they can avoid bats.

Monarch caterpillars shed their skin four times before they become a chrysalis, growing over 2700 times their original size.

There may be as many as 3,000 different kinds of insects -- more than all the other animal and plant species combined.

the huge numbers of insects, only a tiny amount, one percent, are
harmful to humans. Most insects are harmless or actually beneficial.
For example, without bees to pollinate flowers, plants would not have a
way of reproducing and we wouldn't have anything to eat!

Locusts can eat their own weight in food in a day. A person eats his own body weight in about half a year.

The earliest fossil cockroach is about 280 million years old 80 million years older than the first dinosaurs!

desert locust is the world's most destructive insect. It can eat it's
own weight in food every day. Large swarms can gobble up to 20,000 tons
of grain and plants in a day.

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