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 Sex Positions

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PostSubject: Sex Positions   Sex Positions Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2007 2:02 pm

6 Sex Positions With A Twist
By David Strovny

Chances are, if you've been having sex for a while now, you feel like you've tried all sex positions known to man, but you know what? You probably haven't.

That said, why not turn these everyday sex positions into something crazy by adding some little twists. Your girl will keel over with pleasure.

1- Doggy leg lift
The next time your girl assumes the doggy position, simply lift her leg and either keep it against your hip or hold it up by the thigh. This way, you can penetrate her even deeper and your testicles will gently tap against her clitoris more prominently. Or, you can even use your free hand to massage her clitoris and drive her mad.

2- Missionary with pillows
Have your girl lie down on the bed, knees bent, feet planted on the bed. Place a couple of pillows under her ass. This not only allows you to penetrate her more deeply, it provides crazy clitoral stimulation and may well have you both reaching orgasm at the same time.

3- Spoon split
The awesome thing about spooning is that women feel like you're being incredibly affectionate. You also have better access to her body, and can maneuver her around more easily. Next time you decide to spoon, have her twist her body a little so you have access to her breasts. Then, lift one of her legs and either hold it up or try placing it behind you.

4- Reverse cowgirl squat
Instead of her riding you the typical way, kneel down and rest your ass on your heels. Now with her back to you, get her to squat up and down on your penis. If her legs aren't strong enough, she may have to lean on her hands, which is great considering you'll get an optimal view.

5- Standing rhythm
The next time you and your woman decide to stand in front of a mirror and watch yourselves have sex, add a little rhythm to your routine. Have her bend down so that her body is at a 90 angle, legs as straight as possible. Now, as you stand behind her giving her a dose of your mad moves, rotate your hips while you go in and out, slowly. And above all else, look at her body, make turned-on sounds, and then look into her eyes. Finally, give that sweet ass a smack and rub it better.

6- 69 + 1
Now, when you think of the 69 position, you imagine oral sex, of course. But rather than alter the actual position, alter the technique instead. To begin, rather than have one of you on top of the other, lay side by side, as this gives both of you the freedom to maneuver. Now, use your fingers to enhance your oral expertise. Rub her clitoris, penetrate her, do whatever it takes to make her lose control, but not so much that she stops sucking...

drive her mad

Sex can always stand to undergo some changes, especially if they add more pleasure to the experience. So the next you're about to get nasty with your girl, try out some of these sex positions. You can thank me later.
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Sex Positions
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