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 Premium Downloads Galore

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PostSubject: Premium Downloads Galore   Premium Downloads Galore Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2007 10:44 pm

RenaMusic: Rename Music Files Hassle-Free

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=183349,00

Rename MP3s and WMAs in just a few simple steps with our easy-to-use but powerful utility.

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OTHER PC Magazine Utilities:
InstaBack 2: Instantly and Automatically Back Up Important Data

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=180676,00

Take the hassle out of backing up and protecting critical files with this update to one of our most popular utilities.

ExhumeIt: Recover Deleted Files

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=176343,00

Unearth files that you thought were gone for good.

NetShare Manager: Organize and Control Network Shares

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=173330,00

Store all of your mapped network shares and connect and disconnect multiple shares with the push of a button.

IconEdit 3: Create Your Own Icons

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=169930,00

IconEdit 3 lets you make your own icons to customize your desktop.

NoteWhen 2: Clear the Clutter

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=165717,00

This update to our popular sticky note program has a new interface and a bunch of new features.

CoverUp: Protect Application Windows from Prying Eyes

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=162817,00

Lock and cover specific applications to prevent other users from looking at them while you're away.

Defrag-A-File: Optimize Your Favorite Files

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=159470,00

Defrag select files (or an entire drive) to speed up access to files and enhance overall system performance.

StartEase: Find and launch programs effortlessly

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=157194,00

This utility makes locating your programs and starting them a breeze.

PackEmIn: Maximize Disc Space

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=152848,00

Stop wasting space on your DVDs and CDs with this great utility.

Titlebar Add-Ons: Add New Functions to Windows

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=146754,00

This utility attaches buttons to your windows to make them roll up, become transparent, stay on top, and go to the system tray.

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Top Stats: What's Using Your CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network?

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=145164,00

Top Stats makes it easy to monitor processes that are using critical resources.

ShotSender: Easily Capture and Mail Screenshots

Premium Downloads Galore 0,1425,i=141228,00

ShotSender makes it easy to capture your desktop or a particular window and e-mail it.
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Premium Downloads Galore
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