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 10 Tips for Better Sex

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PostSubject: 10 Tips for Better Sex   10  Tips for Better Sex Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2007 2:21 pm

10 Tips For Better Sex
By Oskar McHendry

Nothing makes a hard day's work swing by faster than the promise of good sex come evening. To keep it fresh and ripe, you gotta try new things in the bedroom. Otherwise your sex could become routine.

Whether it's learning to control your premature orgasm or intensifying hers, these 10 pointers will lead to better sex with your girl.

1- Hinder one sense
You know how the blind are said to have remarkably attuned hearing and touch senses? This is due to the brain donating more processing power to these other senses, making them more acute.

To get this effect with your woman, blindfold her. This will heighten her other senses and block out any distractions. With a lack of sensory input from her eyes, her brain will be free to process all the sensual and erotic sensations you are about to give her resulting in better sex for both of you.

2- Use a vibrator
Many women own a vibrator. Use it with her.

Run the vibrator over her clitoris amid foreplay and intercourse, while touching her breasts with your hands and mouth. She can't help but feel stimulated all over.

3- Give each other massages
Sensual touching is the best kind of foreplay. After she gets out of the shower, get her to lay on the bed, belly down, and give her a firm yet gentle rubdown, paying special attention to any tight muscles. You can massage her back, feet or entire body, but this can be time consuming and may end up making her relax too much. Your objective is to keep her stimulated.

4- Role play
Whether you want to dress up like a doctor with her as a nurse, or pretend to be other people without costumes, it can be extremely freeing to leave your identity behind for an hour or so.

Here's a little game that'll spice things up: Call her by a different name and pretend you're strangers. But give the situation a whole backstory. For instance, she's a dancer on her way to dance school, when she got stuck in a torrential snowstorm. You were nice enough to give her a place to stay and a warm bed to sleep in. Then slowly seduce her.

5- Talk dirty to her
The process of seduction and foreplay can begin before you even touch her. Plant the seeds of sex with words. Tell her what you want to do to her, then do it. This is a grand way of testing any new ideas you have before you actually bring them into your repertoire. Lean right into her ear, get your voice on and let loose. When it comes to better sex, foreplay and seduction are extremely important.

6- Try a new position
When is the last time you had sex with her on a chair? Try some unusual, unique positions. It's not all about the missionary, doggie and her-on-top positions. There are a million and one sexual positions to try. In fact, you can create them. Just find a new way for your penis to go into her vagina. Buy the Kama Sutra, the quintessential reference book for sex positions.

7- Work out before sex
People usually feel most content a few hours after a workout. Your brain is still swimming in endorphins and your muscles are sore. Nothing feels better than having sex after you're recovering from releasing all your physical energy and stress.

Give yourself at least an hour after training before you try to get it on. Say you go running for 30 minutes, when you get home take a shower, relax in a towel and let her show you a good time.

8- Talk about your sexual desires
Picturing your woman in various sexual situations can be an incredible turn-on and lead to better sex. Have her tell you all her fantasies first-hand. Let her describe how she wants sex during her lunch break and in the parking lot at the movies.

But the coup de grce of sex talk is getting her to fulfill your fantasies verbally. Bringing another woman into the picture, for instance, even in words alone, is sure to heighten your arousal.

9- Control Mr. Quickie
If you're not lasting as long as you'd like to, try wearing a condom (if you're not already) or try distracting your mind with non-sexual thoughts.

Another tactic you can resort to is to perform oral sex on her, and forbid her from stimulating you. This way you have some time to build up your stamina and you get a head start on bringing her to orgasm.

10- Find & hit her G-spot
The magical G-spot is not the stuff of legend. It is real, but is very hard to hit with the penis in any accurate way. Women will go mad if you find it with your fingers.

Here's how: Say you're facing her. Insert two fingers into her vagina and bend your them into a "come hither" motion. The fleshy bump about 3 inches inside her is the G-spot. You've already accomplished what 90% of men cannot.

Massage this little bean-sized nodule paying close attention to her reaction. When you get it right, it will swell up and become firmer. Some women love this and others claim it hurts. Be responsive, go slow and be gentle.

take it to the next level

It takes some imagination to keep sex with your partner feeling like new. Like an explorer, you need to constantly break new ground and discover new territory to keep things hot.

Following the above suggestions will help prevent your sex life from becoming run of the mill.
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10 Tips for Better Sex
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