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 15 things men hate about women

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PostSubject: 15 things men hate about women   15 things men hate about women Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 12:17 am

15 things men hate about women

Men and women
have basic biological differences and that is the hard truth. Even the
mental makeup of men and women differ in many ways. Still, the
differences are what attract them to each other. Opposite poles do
attract one another, according to basic scientific laws. It had been
said that women are the weaker sex. It is true that physically women
might be weaker than men but it is also an accepted fact that mentally
they are stronger. As the saying goes,
the weaker sex is stronger because of the weakness of the stronger sex over the weaker sex. There
are many things that annoy women about men and there are also several
things that annoy men about women. Let us take a look into what are the
things that annoy men in women.
So, let us go ahead and try to list out what men hate about women. The
fundamental complaint by men about women is that they tend to nag men
too much. Men also do not like the subtle hatred and jealousy that
women appear to display for each other. You always observe that women
are highly conscious of their dress, their appearance and their level
of attraction. They always seem to keep a close tract of such things
and compare notes. On the other hand, how many times have you seen a
man openly appreciating the dress of another man or exhibiting jealousy
about the handsome appearance of the other man?


Nagging, particularly a continuous one, which many women do.


The self-centered nature that nearly all women seem to have.


Over possessiveness.


Subtle hatred that women have for one another and subsequent gossip mongering.

Jealousy of the status or appearance of other women.


Undue interest in other men or talking about them.


Lack of interest in bed.


Giving too much importance to material things than to relationships.


Lack of interest in the activities of man.

Spending too much time for selection of clothing, jewelry, etc.


Being fussy about neatness, cleanliness, etc.


Ignoring the relations of the man and giving priority to her own relations.


Not caring about maintaining a good shape after marriage or childbirth.


Exhibiting excess manliness.


Comparing the man with other men without any justification.
it might be true that all men are not annoyed by all the points in the
above list, it has to be accepted that most men feel annoyed by many of
these traits in women. Man wants the women closer to him to take active
interest in his work and indifference in that aspect definitely annoys
him. At the same time, men do not want to be compared to others unless
it is appropriate. This is where most of the problems in the
relationship start. Women tend to continuously point out how other men
are doing so well and how her man is lacking in this or that. This
nagging annoys men so much that entire behavior of even the nicest of
men starts changing drastically for worse. Nagging has been proved to
be the root cause of majority of divorces. Men also do not like
the over possessiveness that women exhibit. They feel that they have
the right for a personal freedom and women should not interfere in
that. They also hate being treated as mere wallets, as if they are
there only to provide money for all the purchases that women wish to
make. How many times have you spent hours in a fashion store or a
jewelry shop, while your wife or girlfriend went on changing her mind
as to what she should buy? This is one of the things the irk men to no
end. One more thing that annoys men is the undue interest shown
by a woman in other men. Even though men hate over possessiveness in
women, men too tend to be highly possessive about their women. However,
the reason for the possessive nature of man is due to the fact that he
needs the support of the woman very much and is too much dependent on
her. It is not very difficult for a woman to live without a man in her
life but it is nearly impossible for a man to spend even a few months
or years without a woman. There might be a few exceptions in this, but
on the whole, the above fact applies to majority of men.
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15 things men hate about women
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