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 15 things women hate about men

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PostSubject: 15 things women hate about men   15 things women hate about men Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 12:18 am

15 things women hate about men

The relationship
between men and women has always been a love hate relationship . From
the time of creation, men and women have been
to each other for several reasons, the inborn creative urge being the
chief one. This attraction is likely to continue for a long, longtime
to come, despite the 'recent' public declaration of sexual
relationships among men and among women. However, women find a lot of
annoying as well as attractive things in the actions and behavior of
men. It would be interesting to find out what women think of as
annoying or hate about men.


When he is not honest with her and lies too much.


If he is totally insensitive to her needs.


When he acts arrogant.


If he is too self-centered.


When he shows too much interest in other women.


When he ignores his own desires to fulfill hers.


When he tries to express his feelings for her too early.

When a man brags too much about himself.


If a man is weak in character and does not stand up to others when challenged (A Wimp).


A man exhibits a submissive behavior.


When he calls her up too often.


When he accepts her demands immediately without any resistance.

If he gives in to her manipulative behavior.


A man asks her what she wishes to have (meaning not understanding her needs by himself).


When he allows her to use him as a doormat.
we assume that these 15 things top the agenda of what annoys a woman in
man, then we will definitely find some inconsistencies in each one of
the above. Most men do many of the above things, thinking that they are
being nice to women. Is being nice really something wrong? Yes, it
would definitely appear so. If you ask her what she wishes to have or
if you accept her demands without a fight, you are only being nice to
her. How come she does not like it? It is because women think that such
a man is weak, a wimp. Wimps annoy them more than anything else does.
whole thing is quite funny. Very few indulge themselves with costly
clothing or jewelry. All the wealth that they amass is spent on
fulfilling the needs of women only. Then, where comes this
contradiction? It is actually very simple. Women desperately want all
their desires fulfilled but they expect the men to do that without
asking them. You would have faced this situation in your life very
often. Let us say, the birthday of your wife or your girlfriend is
approaching. If you buy her a present and give it to her as a last
minute surprise, she is immensely pleased most of the time, unless the
gift is either very trivial or totally useless in her opinion. On the
other hand, if you ask her in advance what she would like to have as
her birthday gift, there is a big chance you will annoy her and invite
her anger. You remember that happening before, is it not?
important aspect in what annoys women is self-centered or arrogant
behavior and boastfulness. Women like their men to be practical,
down-to-earth, and honest. They want you to be strong but they know
very well that you are not a super hero. As such, if you act like one,
you are certainly annoying them. Be what you are, never do any
play-acting, and you would not annoy your woman.
are manipulative by nature. They do like to have men in their control.
At the same time, they do not like men who succumb to their
manipulations. How can these two be reconciled? That is the
million-dollar question for which even psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
do not have a clear answer. This is the most difficult thing in
man-woman relationship that has to be handled very carefully. Several
suggestions had been made about this. The one that appears most
practical and genuine is provided here. When you face a situation where
the woman is trying to manipulate you, you let her know in a subtle
manner that you are fully aware of her intentions. Then you put up a
token fight to make it clear to her that you are not going to yield
just like that to all her desires and demands. Then finally you give in
to her reluctantly. This might not work in all the cases, but it is one
method that is likely to be successful most of the time.
Do you understand a woman better now? So, go ahead and win her over!Psychoanalysts
have the view that women basically contradict themselves while
expressing what they desire and do not desire in men. It is normally
held that women like so called strong, silent men. They openly admit
that they do not like weak men. This dislike is in the top of the list
of women in what they find annoying in men. However, it is also true
that women secretly like to have power over the men that they interact
with. Herein lies the basic contradiction. Are all women crazy?
Definitely not. Let us see how women handle this inherent contradiction.
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15 things women hate about men
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